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Welcome to Sweetwater Branch Baptist Church

An Acts 1:8 Heart & Minded Church

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Our History

From "Welcome to Sweetwater Branch Church - A Homecoming of Memories" by Peggy Brown

In 1893, Mr. W. Tom Leigh (pictured in the center of photo below), with his brother Mr. Ellis Leigh and Rev. Menassa Martin, organized what was to be known as the Sweetwater Branch Baptist Church.

The first building (pictured below) was served by the following pastors:

Harmon Grainger (1900-05) P.B. Coats (1920-21)
H.G. Fowler (1905-14) J.O. Causey (1921-23)
T.M. Tyler (1914-20) W.A. Williams (1923-28)

Our second church building was build in 1923...

Pastors during this period, which covered the years 1923-1971 included:

W.A. Williams (1923-28),
T.H. Patterson
P.B. Coats
Roy Arnette
V.A. Simmons
E.A. Edge
Truluck Johnson
(1955-61 and 1965-67),
Eugene Evans
Harry Scarborough
(1967-69), and Owen Duncan(1969-71).

Interior photos of the second church building:

Construction on our present facility was begun in 1969 and completed in 1971. Pastors serving sing 1971 have included Reverends Freddie Young (1971-75), Hobert Johnson (1975-93), Robert Jones (1993-98), and Allen Hall (1998-2005). Pastor Charles C. Mixon served as interim pastor from 2005 to 2006, and is now full time pastor since February 2006.

For photos of our present facility, please click here.

Bro. Bryan Fields served as associate pastor from 2007-2008

Bro. William Rogers is currently serving as Music Minister since 2006.

Three former pastors of Sweetwater Branch Baptist Church pictured together (Left to right) Pastors Freddie Young, Hobert Johnson, and Allen Hall.

Pictured below is Rev. Robert Jones:


Pastor Charles C. Mixon: